About us

FACKELMANN FRANCE is part of the German group FACKELMANN GmbH + Co KG, an important European manufacturer of kitchen utensils and bathroom furniture.

Serving customers for 40 years, FACKELMANN FRANCE is based in Bussang in the Vosges (88). Under the TOP FILTER brand name, it specialises in:

  • Producing bags for domestic vacuum cleaners,
  • Selling vacuum cleaner accessories,
  • Selling accessories for large and small domestic appliances.

Our TOP FILTER brand has been used in households for 30 years.
The company has a presence in both the French and European markets, backed by solid experience in sales and marketing.

Under our FACKELMANN brand name, we distribute a large variety of cooking goods, which are designed to make life more enjoyable, save you time, and simplify everyday tasks.
As pioneers in innovation and to stay true to our company philosophy, every year we launch more than 50 new products.
Your household needs are covered by our varied product ranges:

  • Food preparation,
  • Baking and cake-making,
  • Wine,
  • Professional range (HoReCa).

We are continually investing in and modernising our manufacturing facilities, to do the best we possibly can for our customers.
Quality is at the heart of our products, and they are further enhanced by our customer feedback.
The people who use our products lead lifestyles that are constantly changing. Our aim is to fulfil their many expectations to the best of our ability.

At FACKELMANN FRANCE, we are proud of our heritage and do all we can to support our regional economy by using local partners to ship goods and provide services.

Please contact our after-sales service at the following address for advice about a product or with a specific question about setting it up or using it:
Service consommateurs / Customer Services, FACKELMANN FRANCE, 42 rue du 3ème RTA, 88540 Bussang, FRANCE.

If your enquiry concerns the FACKELMANN group, please visit our website: www.fackelmann.fr